AI-powered Data Integration, Analytics, and IoT Solutions.

AI-powered Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the heart of the digital revolution in analytics. AI attempts to replicate human intelligence’s capabilities such as issue-solving, making choices, and recognizing patterns. In anticipation of evolving circumstances and new knowledge, AI systems are designed to learn, reason, and self-correct. AI is the fastest expanding industries and is changing our lives rapidly. We continuously need new solutions to make our life easier and more productive with AI. Lotus Pacific is laser focused on providing AI powered Analytics solutions that are innovative, cost-effective, highly scalable, and efficient by addressing customer's requirements and constantly evolving business challenges.

Traditional analytics has served a purpose. However, traditional analytics has several shortcomings that make them inadequate in today’s business environment. They don’t scale easily to meet growing demands and they can’t provide the  real-time insights needed to keep up with innovative competitors in fast-paced markets.

Businesses today are relying on analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a “must have” when it comes to digital transformation. Any data-driven company that needs to manage its operations with data as the salient light can attest to this.

However, many enterprises find it quite challenging to not only collect huge amounts of data but to make sense of the data and apply it in the right context. As a result, they are failing to get the most out of their growing information resources.

Lotus Pacific has embraced AI-ML technologies in our products & solutions to help you make more informed decisions and improve competitive advantage for your analytics. We design and implement AI-powered analytics solutions that are effective and powerful and incorporates real-time analytics & correlation analysis. Our products & solutions are transforming the field of analytics by offering a level of speed, scale and granularity that isn’t humanly possible. We provide a better experience for our customers by developing the necessary infrastructure based on Artificial Intelligence.

By ensuring data reliability and building an AI-driven culture, organizations can better equip themselves to compete in the age of digital business. Our AI and ML solution employ sophisticated algorithms that your organization can use to analyze historical behavior by customers, competitors, employees and others to draw optimal conclusions about what might happen in the future or what needs to be done in order to best address challenges and opportunities.

Our solutions addresses and incorporates four pivotal pillars of AI Analytics:

  • Natural language processing (NLP)

  • Machine Learning (ML) 

  • Neural Networks (NN) 

  • Deep Learning (DL)