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Enterprise Architecture

nucleus of your IT environment is its underlying architecture. Your IT architecture must expands on the existing Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to include new data sources, storage mechanisms, and data handling techniques needed to support both conventional sources of data and those supplying
Big Data.

We help you to improve decision-making, user adoption, and save time and costs while eliminating inefficient processes and optimizing data.

The real value of Business Intelligence is not in the creation of reports, dashboards or multi-dimensional analytics. It is in the development and use of the more sophisticated analytics like statistics, predictive algorithms and data mining using all sources of data. 

The only way to support these critical capabilities is by extending the traditional data warehouse environment to include data sets in more fluid, less controlled components in addition to the EDW. 

help you to build and transition to Modern Data Warehouse Architecture that will support all forms of data, analytics and the business community.

It consists of three analytical environments that must work together to give enterprises consistent, reliable and global views of customers, products, and markets:

  • Traditional EDW environment
  • Investigative Analytical environment
  • Operational Intelligence (Real Time Intelligence)