AI-powered Data Integration, Analytics, and IoT Solutions.

Modern Data Integration

Data integration is one of the most significant and persistent challenges faced by enterprises. Businesses around the globe are struggling  to effectively integrate, liberate, control, and govern their data. Technology leaders know that data integration is essential for any business wanting to deliver better experiences to their customers (UX). The challenges they face include: legacy systems, monolithic architectures, data silos, inconsistencies, inefficiencies, and duplication.

Traditional data integrations between systems involve an extensive manual effort. A data dump would be moved manually from one system to any target system, manually manipulate the data into a compatible format and then loading it to their destination. Such an approach has left businesses with poor data quality, inadequate information security, without any data governance, and significant cost inefficiencies. Ultimately such manual integration opens the door to huge duplication of effort and creates cost inefficiency and compliance nightmare. 

Lotus Pacific designs and creates an end-to-end data integration products & solutions to customize your business requirements and platforms from range of data sources to your desired target systems: on-premise or in Cloud. Our data integration product & solution is innovative, reliable, scalable, and capable to deliver better experiences with reduced costs and enhanced efficiency. We automate your Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), Extract Load, Transfer (ELT), and data ingestion processes so that your Data Engineers, Developers, Analysts, and Data Scientists can focus on higher impact projects to accelerate your digital transformation. 

Our multi-disciplinary data engineers have the domain-specific knowledge and experience to carefully select, architect, integrate, and execute these technologies to achieve desired outcome. Our dedicated professionals are skilled in network communications, cyber security, AI, Analytics, and cloud platform integrations. We design data integration products & solutions for real-time, streaming, batch processing, and mass-ingestion. Our data integration products & solutions prepare, cleanse, synchronize, and load data exceptionally fast leveraging latest tools & technologies including: Spark, Python, Scala, SQL, Kafka, NiFi, Storm, and Airflow.

Our Data Integration products & solutions:
  • Capture data integration requirements for source data, data quality, and historical data
  • Enrich data integration design with processes for automated scheduling and monitoring
  • Perform Patterned Based Integration and provide Change Data Capture (CDC) Capability
  • Incorporate effective test planning and test execution
  • Offer Agility and Speed
  • Always cost effective and efficient
  • Always simple and scalable
  • Enhance security and governance